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Sikh legal advocacy organisation called European Court religious wear ruling “disturbing”

  United Sikhs release official statement    14th March, UK – UNITED SIKHS, a global advocacy organisation that has dealt with cases of religious freedom across Europe, have released the following statement on today’s European Court of Justice ruling regarding the wearing of religious attire in the workplace.   “The ruling of the European Court […]

Pakistan Sikhs hope for own marriage Act – Times of India

He we share an article from Times of India which highlights one of the problems Sikhs face as a minority community. Sikhs do not make up even 2% of any nation’s population. AMRITSAR: With the Pakistan senate passing the Hindu Marriage Act, Sikhs there are hoping of getting a separate act passed for the registration of […]

Sikh Council statement on Justice Zora Singh Commission report

  Sikh PA share the following statement from the Sikh Council UK based on the Justice Zora Singh Comission report. The report was set up in 2015 to establish what was behind a series of attacks against Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj, the Sikh scriptural Guru found in every Gurdwara (Sikh temple) and the resulting lethal […]

United Sikhs issue alert to Gurdwaras in North America

The following is a United Sikhs broadcast we are sharing ALERT To Gurudwaras – Be Vigilant While the UNITED SIKHS is unaware of any threats made against Gurdwaras in the United States, we are urging worshippers across the nation to be on high alert. “Given the current climate of our country, and other parts of […]

USA Today show Sikh man as face of Islamic terrorism

One of the USA’s biggest newspapers today showed an image of a Sikh man with a report on “Islamic terrorists”. USA Today, which has a daily readership of over two million, shared the image to over three million people via their twitter account, along with a link to an article on new president Donald Trump signing […]

Group of Sikhs protests outside UN headquarters on Republic Day

NOTE- The Sikh Press Association are an apolitical organisation and do not endorse any particular stance on the campaigns for a Sikh homeland. We share this article to highlight how across the world there is support for the Khalistan movement. New York, January 27 As India marked the 68th Republic Day, several Sikhs held protests outside […]